Savannah Marketplace and Consignments


Located at 410 West Jones Street Savannah, Georgia – Savannah Marketplace and Consignments is a super cool and NEW furniture gallery. This is one gallery that keeps the good stuff coming! New and unique pieces are always coming in, but they don’t last long, so if you see something you want, ya better go ahead and get it before it’s gone! ūüôā

Take a look at what I picked up last week!




Check out this photo gallery of some of what Savannah Marketplace has to offer. Click on any pic to open up the photo carousel.


Savannah Marketplace is in the process of major expansion! SAVANNAH is ripe with designers of furniture, art & clothing, collectors and sellers of vintage wares and attire, and SAVANNAH MARKETPLACE will be large enough to host a weekly gathering for those who want to share & purchase these treasures. The idea for the market is to give more exposure for small businesses, and to create a centralized area (like Parisian flea markets) where people know they will find anything and everything from baubles and trinkets to antiques and new designs. Since SAVANNAH is filled with amazing restaurants there should be plenty of local food vendors here.

If you find yourself in downtown Savannah, GA – you MUST go check this place out. You won’t be disappointed!

Here’s the link to like them on facebook.

And don’t forget to check out their web page.



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